Resensys LLC Presentation in Mpact Event

Resensys Wireless Structural Health Monitoring System was invited for presentation in the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering Mpact Week.


This event which lasts for four days showcases the Clark School’s research, education, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystem in October. Resensys LLC showcased its structural health monitoring system for monitoring building, highway bridges with more emphasis on monitoring of bridge bearings, expansion joints, piers, and steel girders:

  • Bridge piers: detecting settling, deflection, movements (tilt, temp. SenSpots)
  • Strain: Monitoring strain for fatigue analysis (strain, temperature SenSpots)
  • Bearings: Monitoring rocker bearing tilt and movement, expansion joints (tilt, strain, temp. SenSpots)
  • Deformation: monitoring bridge spans under loading or thermal stress (strain, temperature, tilt SenSpots)

Resensys solution attracted lots of attention as an innovative engineering solution designed to achieve broad social impact, with the potential to improve millions of lives.



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