Resensys Wireless Monitoring System Deployed on US 29, Maryland

The system installed on Aug 27th 2015, consists of 8 tilt and 8 strain SenSpot sensors and one SeniMax data logger and remote communication gateway. The main purpose of the installation is to monitor operation of the bridge bearings as well as monitoring strain in the bridge’s steel girders.


Strain SenSpot sensor installed on bottom flange of bridge girders to monitor the real time variation of strain on the girder.


Resensys systems provide an environment-friendly solution for 24/7 monitoring of tilt, movement, thermal expansion and contraction response, strain and detecting bearing malfunction, sagging and deformation. Resensys SenSpot sensors are small, adhesive mount, wireless and ultra power efficient with minimum 10 years of guaranteed battery life.


live strain

Sample collected data shows the daily variation of strain on the girder’s flange


Monitoring bearings’ tilt and movements provides the real time information necessary to detect malfunction, sagging and deformation of the structure.


Monitoring bridge’s bearings using Resensys Tilt SenSpot sensors.

Resensys software, SenScope provides access to real time data transmitted by SenSpot sensors at any time and any place.

live tilt

Real-time tilt variation of bridge bearing in response of thermal expansion and contraction

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