Resensys Wireless SenSpot Sensors for Fracture Critical Bridges

Resensys wireless technology featured in Bridge Design & Engineering magazine in August 2016. Resensys technology offers easy-to-install wireless devices for long-term monitoring of fracture-critical bridges. It can monitor strain and temperature on girders, truss members, gusset plates, floor beams, stringers or other members to determine strain variations caused by temperature change and live traffic, which can be used for early stage detection of issues related to fatigue or formation of cracks. SenSpot data can also help determine load-bearing capacity of a bridge as well as detecting occasional overstrains caused by vehicles violating a bridge’s maximum allowed load. In addition to strain, SenSpot sensors can be used to monitor bearings, piers, expansion joints or the status of existing cracks in a bridge.

Bridge Design & Engineering magazine article on Resensys wireless health monitoring system can be found here:

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