Resensys Strain Monitoring System on SR-16 Clay County Culvert Florida

On November 21st 2016, a Resensys structural health monitoring system was deployed on SR-16 Clay County Culvert. The system consists of 4 high rate strain SenSpot sensors and one SeniMax data logger and remote communication gateways.



The strain gauges used in wireless SenSpot sensors are “Foil strain gauge, SGD-30/120-LY40” provided by Omega Engineering where a half-bridge method (two perpendicular gauges) for strain measurement is used. The readings from the gauges are amplified by a zero drift amplifier with a gain=125, and then using a 14-bit analog to digital converter the strain readings are reported by SenSpot sensor with a resolution of 2 microstrains.



On November 22nd, 2016 Resensys wireless SenSpot strain sensors were used for load testing using a truck (with known weight of about 83,620 lbs.




After the truck test, the system has been working continuously.


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