Resensys SenSpots Monitor East Capitol Bridge Across Anacostoia River (Washington D.C.)

Piers of highway bridges over rivers are vulnerable to hydraulic damage caused by flood, hurricane, and instability of the riverbed causing movement and settling of the piers.  Resensys High Precision tilt SenSpots sensors provide an ideal solution

Portage bridge (Victoria)

After two days of hard work in bone breaking cold of Calgary, my trip to Victoria was so healing and relaxing. The deployment was done very quick with minimal glitch. The last two pictures show the beauty

Another project close to Hagerstown on Interstate 81 bridges

These two bridges are being monitored for possible deflections of their round piers. Any inclination will be reported with an accuracy of 0.001 degrees.  

Deployment of Temperature SenSpot in a tunnel in Calgary

The trip to Calgary was fun for the most part but the cold! Just imagine how hard it could be to work for the whole day outside when temperature is below -20 °C.

Monitoring Licking Creek Bridge

Located close to Hagerstown, MD this bridge is local to us with less than 2 hours drive. The operation of the rocker bearings is being closely monitored. Some of them are suspected to be locked and a few

The Wall Street Journal: Resensys’ Technology Prevents Bridge and Building Collapses

Bridge and building collapses could have been prevented with Resensys LLC’s real-time, comprehensive, wireless, low-cost and low-maintenance structural health detection system. here. download.

Shopping Mall Covered (Victoria)

The renovation of a structure (e.g. a shopping mall) in Victoria revealed a number of structural problems which needed quick repairs. In this project, Resensys SHM system has been employed to monitor the performance of the structural

Monitoring Tie Girder Strains of a Steel Tied Arch Bridge During Erection

Resensys SHM solution was employed by HBM Engineering Group, LLC in this project for short-term monitoring of Tie Girder Strains of a steel tied arch bridge during Erection phase. Resensys system performs live data collection at the critical locations

Engineer-developed smart sensors aim to prevent future bridge collapses.

Engineer-developed smart sensors aim to prevent future bridge collapses. Watch the video from “Inside Science TV”. For more information click  here or watch the vid eo.

Researchers hope new bridge sensors will prevent disasters

Five years after the devastating collapse of an interstate bridge in Minneapolis, university researchers are developing new wireless technology that would warn of problems that could cause such disasters. For more information click here or download the article.