Resensys structural health monitoring
Resensys structural health monitoring solution installed on different structrues.
Resensys strain monitoring solution used during bridge erection.
Resensys displacement and tilt monitorig system used for monitoring structural renovation.
Resensys products, wireless tilt, temperature, displacement, and strain gauge sensors

About Resensys

Resensys offers a cost effective and scalable solution for the real time monitoring of important structural state quantities such as stress, strain, fatigue cracks, vibration, etc. Read More

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Resensys SenSpot™ is a small device for large-scale structural health monitoring. Read More

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Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges Read More


Resensys sensor featured in FOX5 TV channel on 7 Oct 2010. The news item mentions that Resensys, is testing a bridge sensor that's smaller than a credit card. It's basically a small sticker that measures load, temperature, vibration, and movements like shifting. click here for the original story and video.