Resensys Wireless Monitoring System Deployed on US 50, Maryland



On Sep 16th 2015, Resensys structural health monitoring system was installed on another major bridge in Maryland over US 50.  A cluster of 8 strain and 8 tilt SenSpot sensors are monitoring the functioning of 8 flanges and bearings. The bridge expansion and contraction due to natural thermal variations is closely being monitored by the SenSpot sensors and analyzed to find if there is any malfunction in the structure.


Bridge bearings and flanges monitored by Resensys wireless SenSpot sensors


Resensys offers best-in-class wireless solutions for long term, cost effective, and easy to scale bridge monitoring. The main differentiating factors of Resensys’ structural health monitoring systems are being wireless, easy to scale and long-lasting, enabling energy self-sufficiency and having high reliability. Resensys’ wireless sensors (known as SenSpot) have been designed to
address the most challenging bridge monitoring needs. This includes long-term and cost-effective monitoring of bridge bearings, piers, expansion joints, as well as monitoring and detection of deformation, deflection, settling, fatigue damage, and crack formation in various structural elements of a bridge.

Resensys wireless tilt SenSpot sensors monitoring bridge bearings rotation



Resensys wireless strainSenSpot sensors monitoring strain on bridge flanges






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